Bungie has finally brought Strange Coins into Destiny 2, and the iconic currency is connected with the 30th Anniversary event. Strange coins were initially introduced in the first Destiny and were brought into Destiny 2 only in the form of candies for the Festival of the Lost event. However, the real currency is back, and here is how to get Strange Coins in Destiny 2.

Getting Strange Coins in Destiny 2 is pretty straightforward. You can get Strange Coins from participating in activities including Dares of Eternity, heroic public events, and any ritual activity. However, the best way to farm Strange Coins is by doing Dares of Eternity, so you can also be rewarded with Treasure Keys while you are at it.

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Strange Coins are used as the primary currency of the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event. Players can trade them for bounties at the Starhorse in Xur’s Treasure Horde. These bounties are not only important for completing certain triumphs but are also an essential part of the Forerunner Sidearm Exotic quest.

One thing to remember is that if you purchase a quest with Strange Coins, you can refund those coins and abandon the bounty.

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