Sticks Breakwaters are a resource that you will need to make common items in the game. To get sticks, you will need to locate the nearest bush on your island.

These will look like typical bushes, and some might even have berries on them. When you locate one of these bushes, attack it, and you will get sticks as you destroy the bush.

You can then use these sticks in Breakwaters to make several tools, axes, and furniture. We highly recommend building up a solid stockpile of sticks so that you can easily find them later to make these items.

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The first of these items you should focus on is the tools, as they will help you later down the line to get more advanced resources such as tree branches.

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The first tool that requires sticks you should start with is a hardened shell axe. To make a hardened shell axe, you will need two sticks, one hardened shell, and five seagrasses.

Making this axe will keep you alive, as it works as a great starter weapon along with being a decent axe to get logs and tree branches.

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