In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak a host of new Master Rank items and drops have been added to multiple monsters, large and small in the game. One of these is the Steel Gajau Whiskers, which are a small monster drop.

How to find Steel Gajau Whiskers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Steel Gajau Whiskers are an uncommon drop from Gajau small monsters in Master Rank quests. After you kill a Gajau, carve at the body and you have a good chance of finding a Steel Gajau Whisker. The drop rate is 20%, so you’ll get one about one in every five carves.

Best Steel Gajau Whisker Farming Points in MHR: Sunbreak

The best place to farm Steel Gajau Whiskers is in the Master Rank instance of the Frost Islands. Because Gaujau spawn in almost all the water areas, and over half the areas overall, it’s the best spot. Areas Five, Seven, Eight, and 12 are the best, because of the wider spans of spawning areas.

You can also turn this into a good gathering route. Head out from the starting camp straight to Area Five. Go up to Area Eight, through Area 10, and Area 12, before returning back through Area Seven. Then, you should restart your loop at Area 5.

Steel Gajau Whisker uses

Steel Gajau Whiskers are used as a forging material for multiple pieces of armor. They’re also required for the Palmute Gear Power Up request.

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