Players are discovering the rich world that Square-Enix has brought to life in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. A world filled to the brim with hilarious dialogue, addictive gameplay, and fun secrets. While traversing different planets and ships, always keep an eye off the beaten path for extra components and pink chests containing outfit choices that call back to the GotG comics, and of course, MCU films.

Your opportunity to pick up Peter Quill’s Nova-Lord outfit comes quite early on in the game. During Chapter 2, you will find yourself following a young security officer named Nikki through the bowels of a Nova Corps ship.

During your adventure through the cramped vents and corridors, you and Nikki will come across fire shooting from a pipe and then work together to block it with a yellow crate. After this, continue down the corridor, keep an eye down low, and you’ll spot a tight passage.

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When you squeeze under the passage you’ll receive a stern talk from Nikki, but you’ll also find a room with a pink chest tucked in the back corner containing Quill’s sleek Nova-Lord outfit.

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