In the My Hero Academia inspired Roblox experience Project Hero, understanding what Quirks are and knowing how to obtain them is exceptionally important. Without Quirks, there’d be no way for players to grow stronger and more powerful—Quirks unleash the player’s inner potential and teach them unique move sets and abilities. So how do you obtain them? Continue reading below to find out!

What are Quirks?

Quirks are special, super human abilities that, in My Hero Academia, are unique to one specific person. Due to the MMO features that Roblox possesses however, mirroring the anime’s universe perfectly would be impossible, so multiple players can use the same Quirk in Project Hero. These Quirks unleash various abilities and moves upon whoever uses them.

How to get Quirks?

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Quirks can be spun for at the Quirk Lab in Hosu City. The building has a large, floating Quirk Lab sign on the front of it. Inside of the Quirk Lab you will find Dr. Mid Groody—speak to him to begin spinning for Quirks.

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Upon speaking to Dr. Groody, the Spin Menu will open. To spin for a new Quirk, press the Spin button. At the start of your adventure you will be given four free spins, but keep in mind that you will lose your current Quirk each time that you spin for a new one.

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More spins can be purchased with Robux by selecting any of the buttons on the left underneath the Buy Spins heading. A price guide for purchasing these spins can be found in the list below.

  • 1 Spin – 20 Robux
  • 10 Spins – 200 Robux
  • 20 Spins – 400 Robux
  • 40 Spins – 800 Robux
  • 60 Spins – 1,200 Robux

Spins can also be unlocked by using game codes, which can be found in the experience’s description.

All spin-able Quirks

For more detailed information on these Quirks, check out our list of all Quirks in Roblox Project Hero.

  • One For All (Legendary)
  • Half Hot Half Cold (Legendary)
  • Muscle Augmentation (Epic)
  • Explosion (Epic)
  • Hell Flame (Epic)
  • Gravity (Rare)
  • Electricity (Rare)
  • Acid (Uncommon)
  • Leech (Uncommon)
  • Invisibility (Common)

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