Sparks Kilowatt has left us some treasure in Club Roblox during Week 1 of Metaverse Champions. Find out how to get AJ Striker’s Crate Drop (available April 14 to April 22) below.

How To Get Sparks Kilowatt’s Secret Package in Club Roblox

This is one of the easiest crates to grab in the Metaverse event, and can usually be done in about ten minutes. To join the game, use the following link: Club Roblox.

Teleport to the metaverse event in Club Roblox.

When you join the game, you will be prompted about the Metaverse Event. Press the Teleport button to teleport to the Metaverse Event portal. Enter the portal and speak to Sparks to start the quest.

Arrows to a portal.

To get Spark’s Secret Package, you must complete all six events. These are all incredibly simple tasks and can be done in about 10 minutes total. You must complete them in order, starting with the one to the right as you enter the area. Follow the arrows on the floor if you’re having trouble finding the next task.

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The list below explains how to complete each task and receive the Secret Package.

  • Task #1: Jump across the rivers by using the floating logs.
  • Task #2: Pull the levers the correct number of times until each symbol is green.
    • Lever #1: Pull 1 time.
    • Lever #2: Pull 2 times.
    • Lever #3: Pull 3 times.
  • Task #3: Find the three keys.
    • Key #1: Jump on the platforms to the right as you enter the area.
    • Key #2: Jump across the rocks in the pond to the right as you enter the area.
    • Key #3: Go into the cave to the left as you enter the area.
  • Task #4: Stick to the right wall in the maze to reach the ladder in the back. Go up the ladder to the exit.
  • Task #5: This is a very simple obby. Jump across the platforms and stick to the path to reach the end.
  • Task #6: This is another simple obby. Jump across the platforms that are hanging over lava to reach the end.
Where to collect the metaverse drop in Club Roblox.

Once you have made it through all the areas, the final directly behind Sparks will be unlocked. Walk through it to find Spark’s Secret Package sitting on some rocks. Approach the Secret Package and interact with it to complete the quest!

Once you have done that, you’ll receive a badge and Spark’s Secret Package will now be in your Roblox inventory!

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