Tower of Fantasy encourages players to mix up their gameplay by utilizing a plethora of unique gadgets and tools. These items, known as Relics, will help players explore the world of Aida and boost their combat stats. One of the best of these items is the Spacetime Rift relic, which will conjure a black hole in the battlefield, sucking in enemies and incapacitating them for a certain duration. However, being an SSR grade Relic, the Spacetime Rift cannot be purchased, and entails some effort before you can unlock it. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can unlock the Spacetime Rift Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Spacetime Rift Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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As mentioned prior, the Spacetime Rift is an SSR Relic. Therefore, it cannot be obtained through Special Orders. Instead, players will need to collect 30 Spacetime Rift Shards in order to unlock the Spacetime Rift Relic. The easiest way to collect these shards is by completing Ruins in all available difficulty modes, and by collecting Gift Packs which contain Relic Shards.

Where to get Spacetime Rift Shards

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The best way to collect Spacetime Rift Shards is to complete Ruin E-01 in Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Ruin E-01 is located near Warren Shelter. Completing Ruin E-01 in the corresponding difficulty level will grant the player the following rewards:

  • Easy – 5 Spacetime Rift Shards
  • Normal – 10 Spacetime Rift Shards
  • Hard – 15 Spacetime Rift Shards

Once you have 30 Spacetime Rift Shards, you can unlock the Spacetime Rift Relic from the Relics page. You may also speed up your process of collecting Relic Shards by opening Gift Packs, or by completing challenges in Claire’s Dream Machine.

How does the Spacetime Rift Relic work

The Spacetime Rift Relic is an extremely useful tool in combat, especially when battling numerous opponents at once. Activating the Spacetime Rift Relic launches a bomb at a target location, which upon exploding creates a black hole, and sucks in enemies towards the center. While caught in the rift, enemies take continuous damage for a certain duration, and are unable to move.

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