Sorcerer Rogier is an NPC in Elden Ring that you can meet in Stormveil Castle and, eventually, the Table of Lost Grace. Rogier has a deep questline that can be pretty difficult but will reveal a lot of interesting lore in Elden Ring. Luckily, to get Sorcerer Rogier’s Set, you do not have to complete the entire questline. Here is how to get Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring.

Where to find Sorcerer Rogier in Elden Ring

When first entering Stormveil Castle, you will have to face Margit, the Fell Omen. Sorcerer Rogier first makes his appearance as a summoned cooperator for the Margit fight. After defeating Margit, you can find Rogier in a chapel in the northwest corner of Stormveil Castle. You must first defeat Godrick, The Grafted, then Rogier will move to the Roundtable Hold. Sorcerer Rogier can then be found on the balcony in the Eastern part of the Roundtable Hold.

How to get Sorcerer Rogier’s Set in Elden Ring

Once Rogier is in the Roundtable Hold, you can start his lengthy questline to unlock some answers to the shattering of the Elden Ring. If you do not care to progress his questline, here is how to get Rogier’s Set.

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The easiest way to get his set is to progress through the story enough to get past Caria Manor and meet Ranni at Ranni’s Rise. After speaking to Ranni, return to Sorcerer Rogier in the Roundtable Hold. He will say he is on the brink of a deep slumber. Rest a few times or progress through the story, then return to him. You will find Rogier has slipped into a slumber and his Set remains, along with a letter.

How to Complete Sorcerer Rogier’s Questline

If you are interested in progressing through Rogier’s questline to get his set, you must not talk to Ranni before following these steps of Rogier’s questline:

  • Talk to Rogier in the Roundtable Hold. He will tell you to seek something at Stormveil Castle.
  • Go to Stormveil Castle to the courtyard filled with jars. Outside the courtyard is a ledge to jump down to a secret path. You will have to fight a Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  • After defeating the boss, continue into the room with a face in the ground. Touch the bloodstain in front of it to reveal a memory.
  • Return to Rogier, and he will tell you about the Black Knives’ plot.
  • Talk to Fia in the Roundtable Hold about the Black Knives. She will give you the location of the Black Knife Catacombs.
  • Defeat the secret boss at the Black Knife Catacombs to get the Black Knifeprint.
  • Give the item to Rogier, and he will ask you to speak with Ranni. After talking to Ranni, the quest will end the same way, with Rogier passing away in the Roundtable Hold.

What is Sorcerer Rogier’s Set?

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Sorcerer Rogier’s Set includes the following:

  • Spellblade’s Pointed Hat
  • Spellblade’s Traveling Attire
  • Spellblade’s Gloves
  • Spellbalde’s Trousers
  • Rogier’s Bell Bearing
  • Rogier’s Letter

Sorcerer Rogier’s Set strengthens Glintstone skills, so it can be a very good set for those who use sorcery.

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