In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Life Day Event is a limited-time event that only takes place during the winter and, from which, players can earn Snow-Covered Parcels. It will run until Jan. 11, 2022.

You can get a Snow-Covered Parcel every time you throw a snowball at someone you haven’t thrown a snowball at recently. The person you throw a snowball at will receive your snowball buff. Throwing a snowball at a character that does not already have your snowball buff visible near their character portrait will give you a 15% chance of getting a Snow-Covered Parcel.

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A snowball can be thrown at nearly any type of character you choose. If you can click on them and they have a nameplate, you can throw a snowball at them. This includes other players, their companions, your companions, vendors, any enemies, turrets, characters walking around, class trainers, and crew skill trainers.

The number of Snow-Covered Parcels you have can be found under the Currency tab of your inventory. The Master of Ceremonies vendor accepts Snow-Covered Parcels for holiday-themed rewards.

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