Smile Bubbles are an ingredient you’ll need for several different recipes while playing in Little Witch in the Woods. It’s not too hard to acquire them once you progress further in the main quest. First, you’ll need to find the creature they originate from and give it some belly rubs!

How do you get Smile Bubbles in Little Witch in the Woods?

To get Smile Bubbles in Little Witch in the Woods, you’ll first need to find Blue Bubble Lizards. They are docile creatures that hang out in groups next to bodies of water. When you find them, there’s no need to creep up as you need to with some other animals. Approach a lizard and wait for it to roll over on its back. When the lizard is on its back, use your hand tool (rather than net or quill) to rub its stomach until the red circle meter is full. Once you have done this, a Smile Bubble will be automatically added to your inventory.

How to find Blue Bubble Lizards in Little Witch in the Woods

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Blue Bubble Lizards are almost always found right next to ponds and other bodies of water. They are usually spotted on Sunny days between mid-morning and the afternoon. You are unlikely to see them until you have completed the mission where you grow the Withered Beansprout and head West into the previously undiscovered region.

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