In the hit Demon’s Souls remake, there are various items called demon souls that you will need for varying purposes. The most prominent of these purposes are for crafting, upgrading, and getting new weapons. Such is the case with the Silver Demon Soul and in this guide, we will explain how to get it and why you need it.

How to get the Silver Demon’s Soul 

To get the Silver Demon Soul, you will need to kill the Penetrator in the Boletarian Palace. That said, the Penetrator is a challenging boss, so here are some helpful tips to make beating him a bit easier.

Helpful Tips For Beating Penetrator

  • Roll to dodge all melee attacks from them; also, be sure to avoid their special Penetrator attack; you will know when he is about to attack when his weapon starts to glow.
  • Always move and fire soul and homing soul arrows at him. Also, use the firestorm spell if you have it because it will work wonders on the Penetrator boss.
  • Use spear and shield but don’t get backed up into a wall. To avoid this, stay in open areas where you are free to move around. 

After you kill the boss, walk over and loot the Silver Demon Soul that will drop off them. Once you’ve picked the soul up, you can then use it to purchase either the light spell from Sage Freke or Yuria The Witch’s cursed spell. You can find both of them at the Nexus, but if you don’t want to use it to buy anything, just consume the Demon Soul to gain 36k souls.

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