While exploring Sumeru, you might have encountered a Material-Collecting Aranara looking for a shriveled Starshroom. Rather than an actual item name, a shriveled Starshroom describes the kind of Starshroom that they’re searching for.

How to find shriveled Starshroom in Genshin Impact

You first need to look for a Starshroom, a mushroom with a star-shaped cap that can be found all over Sumeru. These transforming mushrooms are called Tri-Lakshana Creatures, which change their state after being affected by certain Elements. For instance, if you apply Electro onto a Starshroom, it becomes an Activated Starshroom. This only applies to Starshrooms in Sumeru—the ones in The Chasm’s Underground Mines can’t change forms.

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Use any Pyro character to apply Pyro onto the Starshroom, turning it into a Scorched Starshroom. A Scorched Starshroom looks shriveled in appearance, which is what the Material-Collecting Aranara is looking for.

How to use Scorched Starshroom in Genshin Impact

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Head to the area circled in the image above on the western part of Apam Woods. You’ll find a Material-Collecting Aranara who will ask for one Viparyas and one shriveled Starshroom. You can give him one Scorched Starshroom to represent the shriveled variation. You can find the Viparyas in the material tab and the Scorched Starshroom in the ingredients tab.

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