Sentinel’s Blades is the newly added Epic cosmetic katana set that compliments the samurai-themed legendary Yoroi armor in Halo Infinite. The bundle was added to Halo Infinite’s shop, and it is priced at 1500 credits

Players will have to earn the Yoroi armor core in Fractures: Tenrai event to equip the Sentinel’s Blades in Halo Infinite. Without the core, players cannot equip the cosmetic item, so it’s best to purchase it after you have completed the event.

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Here are all the items players can acquire from this bundle:

  • Epic Armor Emblem
  • Epic Nameplate
  • Legendary Utility Yoroi: First Principle Blade

The items in the bundle are basically cosmetics that do not offer any tactical advantage whatsoever. Having a 1500 credit price tag is definitely too high for an Epic rarity cosmetic bundle in Halo Infinite.

For those who haven’t participated in the event yet, fear not for the Fractures: Tenrai event will return for its second spell early in 2022. However, it is highly doubtful that the high-priced Sentinel’s Blades bundle will return to Halo Infinite!

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