Loot is the name of the game in Sea of Thieves. Every pirate is out to find the best treasure and rewards for themselves and their fellow sailors. But besides finding loot in-game their is also loot to be found through Twitch Drops.

Typically, Twitch Drops are enabled by a streamer while they are playing a specific game. If the streamer enables them, you can watch their stream for either one or two hours to unlock the drop, depending on the required watch time! This reward has a limited time frame and will expire in usually a week or two. If no streamers are enabling a drop for a specific game, you can always find new loot by following these next steps.

Step One

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Start by opening Twitch and logging in, if you are not already. Next to Notifications and Whispers in the top right, you should see a small crown like the image above. Click on this icon, and a drop-down menu should open. 

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At the top of the menu, click on the purple button displaying: Visit The Prime Gaming Loot Page. This will take you to a web page to start the process.

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Step Two

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On this web page, you will need to sign into your Amazon account to access Twitch loot. After signing in, a search bar will be located on the right side. Type in Sea of Thieves, and the most recent and available loot will pop up. Click on the little blue Claim button to move on to the next step.

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After clicking Claim, all of the available Twitch loot will be listed like the image above shows. Whatever is highlighted in blue is what’s available to redeem. Click the Claim Now button to move on.

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Next, you will need to link your Amazon account to your Sea of Thieves account. At the bottom of this page, a blue button will take you to Rare’s website. Click it and move on.

Step Three

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Now that you are on the Rare website, a page will pop up directing you to link your Amazon account. Click Link Account at the bottom, sign in to your Amazon account, and then click Next once you are returned to the above page.

Lastly, follow the next on-screen steps and then click on the Return to Prime Gaming button. Once you are returned, click the Complete Claim button, and you should be all set! You may have to wait a while for the rewards to appear in the game, but they will eventually. 

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