Scummy pools are one of the many enemy types in Scarlet Nexus, and one of the rarest materials they can drop is the Scummy Pool Analysis. So if you want this Scummy Pool Analysis, you will need to farm scummy pool others, and you can do so in the following locations in the game.

  • Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9
  • Abandoned Line 9 Hirsaka Station Entrance/Exit
  • Inside Abandoned Line Osukuni Station

You can find scummy pools at the locations above spawning at various points during the level. So if you want to farm them for the analysis drop, you will need to clear every single scummy pool in these locations. After you are done, you will then need to leave and restart the process all over again by coming back to the location. 

Doing so will respawn all monsters at the location, but only if you left the area completely by going to another. You will also need to kill scummy pools multiple times before they will drop the analysis, as it is a rare drop. However, there is a way to get more rare drops from killing them through brain crush. 

This is because if you kill others with brain crush, there is a higher chance for them to drop rare items. That said, to use brain crush, you will need to do either rush follow attacks or psychokinesis follow-up attacks. 

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Using one of these attack combos will help lower an enemy’s crush bar, allowing you to use brain crush to kill them. So, If you want to do a rush follow up attack, you will need to first need to do a psychokinesis attack (RT or R2) and then hit X or square for a follow-up attack. 

For psychokinesis follow-up attacks, you will need to first land an attack with either of the main attack moves (X/Y or square/triangle) and then follow up with a psychokinesis attack (RT or R2).

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