Lost Ark is full of content, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure it all out. This is especially true when it comes to currency in the game, as there are numerous types. One of these types is various Sailing Coins, including Sceptrum’s Coins, which can be traded for Pirate Coins.

To get Sceptrum’s Coins in Lost Ark, you can complete certain quests, but the easiest and fastest way to get Sailing Coins is to complete island quests and get High Seas Coin Chests.

How to get High Seas Coin Chests in Lost Ark

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To get High Seas Coin Chests in Lost Ark, you need to sail to islands and complete the available quest there. Some of these island quests will reward you with High Seas Coin Chests, which contain Sailing Coins, including Sceptrum’s Coins.

Getting Sceptrum’s Coins through High Seas Coin Chests is the most reliable way to earn them. Once you get the chest, it will be added to your inventory. Simply open it there and select Sceptrum’s Coins to get this currency.

You can also use Procyon’s Compass to find Adventure Islands that reward High Seas Coin Chests. Click the compass icon under your mini-map in the top-right corner of the screen to open Procyon’s Compass. These daily activities are a good way to get Sceptrum’s Coins in Lost Ark.

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