Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a relaxing game that will suck you in for dozens of hours of grinding. To get your perfect island, you need to collect all the right items and convince villagers like Sasha they want to move in. Of course, getting the perfect neighbors is easier said than done due to the game’s RNG.

How to Find Sasha in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

There are four ways that you are going to get ahold of any villager, Sasha included.

  • Spend Nook Miles to find Sasha on an island.
  • Wait for Sasha to show up at your campsite.
  • Get Sasha from another player.
  • Scan in Sasha’s Amiibo card.

There are 413 villagers counting the Sanrio-themed ones in the game. Out of those, 406 have a chance of appearing on a Nook Mile Island or at your camp. This means your best bet to get Sasha is to either barter with another player who is getting rid of her or scan in her Amiibo card.

What gifts to give Sasha in ANCH

Like most characters, Sasha has an extremely long list of gifts that she will enjoy. Here are Sasha’s gift themes.

  • Colors: Blue and White
  • Style: Simple and Cute
  • Furniture Type: Fancy and Child
  • Furniture Colors: Blue, White, Green, and Yellow

Some quick examples of good gifts for Sasha that fall into these categories are the Dreamy Sweater, Sweetheart tank and shirt, and the Fairy-tale dress. Make sure you buy the blue or white version of these outfits when gifting them to Sasha.

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