If you’ve been trying to obtain Sans in Roblox A Universal Time, make sure to read our tips below to find out how to get it done!

Who is Sans in A Universal Time?

Sans is based on the fictional character or the same name from the popular video game, Undertale. He is known for his trademark skull head and glowing eyes, along with this blue hoodie jacket. In A Universal Time, Sans is ranked as an S-tier character. He can act in the roles of evil or neutral, depending on the route that your character takes in the game.

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How to Get Sans

Once you launch the game, you will still need to find a bone. To find a bone, you will need to dig up block piles around the Desert until you find it. The spawn rate is really low for the item and only respawns every 10 minutes (real-time), so this might take quite a while to get done.

After you get the Bone, you need to equip it and find Kazuma Kiryu. After finding him, fight him by using the bone on him. This will then allow you to obtain Sans.

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