Rust currently has a special event going on Twitch that will last all the way to the 9th of September, where players can earn special Rust twitch drops. 

The twitch drops for Rust include skins for guns, items, and even doors and can all be earned from watch certain Rust streams and certain Streamers.

If you want to earn Rust twitch drops, you will first need to link your Twitch account with your steam account via the official Fasepunch site. 

To link your account will require you to first sign in with Either your Twitch or Steam account via the option to do so under get started.

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After you log in with your first account by punching all of your login info, you will then need to log in with your second account. 

Each time you log in, you will need to authorize each account to be linked with the Fasepunch Twitch drops site.

Then, once the second account is logged in and linked, you will then need to activate Twitch drops via the third tab under the second account login option. To activate Twitch drops, you will need to hit the button that says activate Twitch drops.

When you click activate, the site should take you to a screen that says Twitch drops have been activated, and once they are, you will be able to earn them by watching streams with drops enabled.

You can also earn specific Rust Twitch drops by watching the following Steamers.

  • Blazed: Blazed Bow
  • Kira: Kira Furnace
  • Silithur : Silithur bolt
  • Agustabell212 : Agustabell Garage Door
  • Ricoy23: Ricoy Furnace
  • Elxokas: Elxokas
  • Jewer: Jewer large box

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