The Nova Corp outfit worn by Rocket in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is more confusing to find than other outfits. Upon returning to Nova Corp Rock, players can find it in a hidden door when solving the electric puzzle.

Once you’ve restored power to the station and ridden the elevator up, the player will be able to find the outfit. The team will be forced to tell Groot to make a way to the higher floor to solve the electric puzzle.

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After that, players will follow the path that leads to the other room. Regardless, they’ll need to reroute power in that room.

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The conduit will display left and right, with left being the answer to the puzzle. Players should instead activate the right conduit.

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Follow the electric current to the room opposite the conduit. There will be a purple container at the end of the room. You will receive Rocket’s Nova Outfit if you interact with it.

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