To get rid of a wanted level in Gltichpunk, you will need to visit a mod garage or outrun the police.

You can outrun the police by not attacking them and driving around in a car while avoiding them until the wanted icon disappears from your screen. 

This method will take a while and is not ideal when you have a red wanted level, as more cops and cars will be after you. 

Because of this, it will be a lot harder to avoid the cops, so it’s better to find a mod garage fast as possible. Mod garages are unique garages in the game that change the color of your car when you drive through them. 

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These garages also completely remove all wanted levels almost instantly, so finding them is highly recommended as soon as possible.

You can find mod garages via the paint can icons on the map, see or image above for an example of what to look for in the game.

Along with that, you can also check the game’s map legend on the left of your screen while the map is open for the icon. 

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