In Roblox Islands, players can get Red Bronze Ingots by constructing a Red Bronze Refinery, an industrial crafting machine that was introduced during the Factory update. This resource became even more valuable during the Oil update since it can make items like the Crate Packer and the Fuel Barrel Filler.

How to get Red Bronze Ingots

To get Red Bronze Ingots, players must input these resources into a Red Bronze Refinery:

Copper Ingotx30

Players can get Copper Ingots by smelting Copper Ore into an Industrial Smelter. This smelting process is entirely different from constructing the Red Bronze Refinery. The Industrial Smelter is a separate machine that must be constructed at a Workbench Tier 3 with 8x Steel Rods and 3x Pink Sticky Gear.

Gold can be obtained using a handful of methods: Bhaa often drops gold for defeating him. He is found on the Desert Island, but is a challenging boss to take down if you don’t prepare for the fight. Gold Ore can also be mined from gold nodes, which are located on Buffalkor Island. Players can also drill gold blocks for ore. Gold Ore must be smelted into Gold within a small furnace, Industrial Smelter, or at a campfire.

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How to Construct a Red Bronze Refinery

To construct the Red Bronze Refinery, players must approach a Tier 3 Workbench with these materials:

Steel Platesx100
Copper Rodsx250
Steel Rodsx25

Approach the Tier 3 Workbench and press F to open the crafting menu. Scroll down the menu until you’ve found the Red Bronze Refinery. Assuming that you have all of the necessary resources, press Craft It! to build your Red Bronze Refinery.

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