Overall, getting rare materials in Scarlet Nexus can be tricky as others tend to have more than one material they can drop at a time.

Because of this, you are more or less left with the only option of farming said others multiple times on end until they drop the material you want.

But there is a way to increase your chances of getting rare materials by using brain crush. Brain crush is a special move where you instant kill others in the game and using it can increase the drop rate for rare materials.

That said, to use brain crush, you will need to do either rush follow attacks or psychokinesis follow-up attacks. 

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You will need to use one of these attack combos to lower an enemy’s crush bar, allowing you to use brain crush to kill them. 

So to start, if you want to do a rush follow-up attack, you will need to first need to do a psychokinesis attack (RT or R2) and then hit X or square for a follow-up attack. 

For psychokinesis follow-up attacks, you will need to first land an attack with either of the main attack moves (X/Y or square/triangle) and then follow up with a psychokinesis attack (RT or R2).

Eventually you will be able to use brain crush, once an enemy’s crush bar is fully depleted, and you can tell when this happens as there will be a slight flash on the other and a sound notification. When this happens quickly press the brain crush button for your controller and you will commence the move and kill that other instantly.

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