In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, players won’t just be hunting Monsters—they’ll be riding them. In a game that’s all about forming bonds with your Monsties, you’ll want to ensure that you have the best team possible. Finding good eggs inside of Monster Dens is the most important step in that process.

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You can obtain eggs from Monster Dens, which are scattered around the world outside of Mahana Village. Whereas regular monster dens are colored a dull gray, rare monster dens are distinguishable by their gold entrance. Your chances at obtaining a rare egg are greater inside these dens, so be sure to check them out!

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When you’re rooting around for eggs in the heart of a Monster’s den, pay attention to what Navirou has to say. Your Felyne friend will comment on the egg’s weight and smell. The heavier and nicer smelling the egg, the better the odds of the Monstie having rare genes. A super rare Monstie egg will sparkle when you pick it up, letting you know immediately that the quality is great.

In most cases, Navirou will state: “Doesn’t really smell like much… And it’s light, too!” This indicates that the egg you’re holding is average. You can swap the egg for another, but there are a limited number of eggs in each den, and Monster attacks are much more likely after repeated egg swaps.

Once you’ve chosen an egg, simply carry it out of the Monster Den to make it yours. Although you can only take one egg from each individual Monster Den, you can hold several eggs on your person at once thanks to your Egg Carton. When you’re ready to hatch your eggs, head back to the Stables in Mahana Village.

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