Tower of Fantasy allows players to mix up their gameplay using many unique weapons and quirky gadgets. These gadgets are known as Relics, and they can aid you in both combat and traversal. Although you can go barging into enemy territories all weapons blazing, sometimes a sneakier approach gets things done faster. The Quantum Cloak is a tool that allows you to take a stealthy approach by effectively making you invisible to enemies. This guide will tell you how you can unlock the Quantum Cloak Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Quantum Cloak Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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The Quantum Cloak is an SR Relic. Players need to collect 20 Quantum Cloak shards to unlock the Quantum Cloak. The most surefire way of obtaining Quantum Cloak shards is by defeating the world boss Lady Lucia. However, we advise heading into this battle with a team, as Lady Lucia is a level 40 world boss who is near-impossible to defeat by yourself. After defeating Lady Lucia, the player stands a chance to gain an SSR or SR weapon, Matrices, Weapon Batteries, and Quantum Cloak shards.

Once you have 20 Quantum Cloak shards, you can infuse them to unlock the Quantum Cloak relic. You may speed up the process by collecting random Relic shards as rewards for completing challenges in Claire’s Dream Machine. Players can also receive Relic shards from opening Relic shard boxes.

How to use Quantum Cloak Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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The Quantum Cloak is a device that, when equipped, turns the player invisible to enemies for a certain duration. This device can be beneficial when trying to sneak past enemy territories without alerting them. Advancing the Quantum Cloak Relic will extend its duration and decrease the cooldown. Further advancements will provide a 100% damage boost when attacking while invisible.

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