During Pokémon UNITE’s Halloween Festival event, players will get multiple chances to collect pumpkins and exchange them for rewards, by simply logging into the game and completing challenges on the frighteningly festive battlefields of Mer Stadium.

Players can earn over 50 Pumpkins, just by logging into the game and collecting the event’s Log-in Bonuses. These easy bonuses will be active from Oct. 20 until Nov. 7 and players will be rewarded with a not-so-bad minimum of three Pumpkins, each day. As a helpful tip from one Pokémon UNITE Trainer to another, be sure to log into the event during day five, seven, and 14 to get rewarded a high-minimum of eight Pumpkins!

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Screenshot via Pokémon UNITE YouTube
Screenshot via Pokémon UNITE YouTube

Aside from UNITE’s Halloween Log-in Bonuses, players can earn Pumpkins by completing challenges in Mer Stadium from Oct. 24 until Nov. 2. The festive UNITE map not only gifts players with the subtle joy of being able to experience a pumpkin-headed Pokémon, it’s also loaded with fearfully fun challenges, that are super easy to complete and give players a chance at collecting four Pumpkin Boxes and over 30 Pumpkins! Pumpkin Boxes are loot-filled boxes, that contain a random amount of Pumpkins.

Simply logging into the game every day, for the remainder of the event and dominating the thrilling Mer Stadium challenges, will guarantee players a nice lot of Pumpkins to shop with at the Pumpkin Exchange, in Pokémon UNITE.

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