Tower of Fantasy Vera Orienteering event brings you new challenges and a chance to prove your worth. During the event, you’ll take missions in order to get Proof of Contribution and warp energy cells. You’ll have to be patient as the phases will open gradually. What you need to do is to complete those request missions to get Proof of Contribution.

How to obtain Proof of Contribution in Tower of Fantasy?

You can get Proof of Contribution and warp energy cells by completing missions during the Vera Orienteering event phases. You’ll get Proof of Contribution for completing the different goals for each of the phases. For example, for Phase 1 you’ll get:

  • 600 Proof of Contribution for defeating five Hyena thugs.
  • 500 Proof of Contribution for using chips to unlock password chests three times
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How to use Proof of Contribution in Tower of Fantasy?

With obtained PoC, you’ll be able to get rewards from the Journey Store. Those warp energy cells are important as you can use them on the event page to get Proof of Contribution, but also to advance in warp energy cell progress. By reaching a certain level you’ll unlock more rewards.

This progress has its level cap which limits the number of rewards that can be claimed per phase. Regardless, you can continue obtaining Proof of Contribution and warp energy cells. When cell progress reaches its maximum, you can only use warp energy cells for getting more Proof of Contribution. Keep in mind that you won’t have all rewards available straight away. With each phase, more things in the shop will unlock.

How many phases are there in the Vera Orienteering Event?

There will be three phases in the Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy. Each phase will open on a set (real-world) date. To play this event, you’ll need to complete the main story “Ecological Station Intruders” after which you’ll get access to the Rewards page. The phase will open on these dates:

  • Phase 1: Entrusted is available at the beginning of the Vera Inenteering event.
  • Phase 2: Cleaning Agreement starts on October 1, 2022.
  • Phase 3: Cleaner Contract starts on October 7, 2022.

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