In Yakuza Like A Dragon, you have many mini Part-Time Hero quests you can complete, and some of these have huge payouts, as we explained previously in our money guide. However, one Part-Time Hero quest takes the cake as all you are literally doing is given people toilet paper, or in this case, “Pocket Tissues.” These Part-Time Hero quests you need the tissues to complete are called “Straight Outta Paper” and are categorized as special deliveries in the app. 

That said, if you complete all five of them, you will gain up to 97k yen and some decent gear. If you keep reading below, I’ll explain how to get Pocket Tissues In Yakuza Like A Dragon.

How To Get Pocket Tissues

In short, to get Pocket Tissues, you will have to buy them from Kan-san at the can collection mini-game for 200 points. You can only purchase the tissues from Kan-san, so luckily, they only cost 200 points, which can be obtained very easily from playing the game. If you don’t have enough points, I’d recommend playing the hardest can mini game difficulty has the highest payout.

Once you get some pocket tissues, you then need to find the person who needs it as described by the app. When you find out the location you need to go to, take the Pocket Tissues over to the person; they will usually be stuck inside a bathroom stall. That said, the following are all of the locations you need to go to and how many Pocket Tissues they will need.

  • Iesaki Road: 10 
  • Hamakita Park: 1
  • Chinatown: 3
  • Tsurugame Highway 5
  • Kamiuchiu Station: 2

You will need a total of 21 tissues to complete all five quests. For more on Yakuza Like Dragon, visit our Yakuza guide page.

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