New World is full of resources that can be found throughout the world. These resources can be harvested to craft recipes that help the player in various ways. One such resource is Platecap Flesh. To get Platecap Flesh, you will need to find Warm Platecap.

In New World, you can find Warm Platecap in Monarch’s Bluff. It can be found at Corsair’s Rise, Divine Rise, Moonshade, Riverseat, Brigand’s Pass, Verdant Crown, and Deadman’s Anchor. You need to use the harvesting skill and do not need to have any points for this skill. You will need a harvesting sickle, though.

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This alchemy resource can be used to craft various recipes. These include Fire Reagent and Tier 2 Medicinal Reagent. To find and identify a Warm Platecap, search for orange mushroom stalks with a honeycomb-like cap.

If you don’t feel like hunting down these mushrooms yourself, you can always purchase them from Trade Vendors. Just make sure that you sort by price and buy the cheapest ones!

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