In the mobile game State of Survival, when you reach around level 30, you won’t be able to upgrade your buildings with regular resources in the game. When you reach this point, you have to gather up what are called plasma cores, but there is a problem with this. These cores are rare resources that are extremely hard to find in the game. But luckily, In this guide, we will explain how to get plasma cores in State of Survival.

To get plasma cores in State of Survival, you must complete epic level missions. You can find these missions at the Intel post, and you will need a level 30 radar level to unlock them if you haven’t already. When you get the missions unlocked, browse through all missions at the Intel post for ones that reward the plasma cores. Be warned; you may be in for quite the grind as you are not guaranteed to get plasma cores as a reward. 

But once you gather up some plasma cores, you can then use the resource to upgrade the headquarters and barracks buildings. For the full list of structures you can upgrade, check the list below.

  • Headquarters
  • Barracks
  • Hero Precinct
  • Range
  • Garage

As a side note, you will not be able to upgrade other buildings to plasma level until you have upgraded your Headquarters first. Also, If you upgrade your barracks to plasma level, you will gain access to plasma tier units, which are more robust variants of standard units in the game.