Pine tar is a unique resource required for several crafting recipes in Stardew Valley; luckily, it’s easy to get if you know where to look.

How to craft pine tar in Stardew Valley

To get pine tar in Stardew Valley, you will need to first craft a tapper; these can be crafted easily when you reach level three in foraging. If you don’t have this level yet, search and pick up forage items on the ground or chop trees; over time, you will eventually level the foraging skill to three. When this happens, you can then craft a tapper with the resources listed below.

  • Forty Wood
  • Two Copper Bars

Once you got a tapper crafted, place it on pine trees growing on your farm or anywhere in Stardew Valley; after five to six days, you will receive pine tar from the tapper. There is also an upgraded version of the normal tapper, called a heavy tapper, and to make it, you will need the following materials listed below. 

  • Thirty Hardwood
  • One Radioactive bar

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Along with using a tapper, you can also get pine tar by putting hardwood inside a wood chipper; however, this only happens rarely, so we don’t recommend relying on this method too much. After you get some pine tar, you can use it to make the following items listed below.

  • Rain Totem
    • Sixty Wood
    • One Pine tar
    • Thirty Fiber          
  • Loom
    • One Pine Tar
    • One Clam
  • Speed Gro
    • One Hardwood
    • Five Pine Tar
    • One Truffle Oil

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