If you want to get a pet in Grounded, you will need to tame either a Weevil or Aphid. However, before you can tame either creature, you will first need to craft a few items. 

The first item you will need is a grinder as you will need it to make a special food called slurry to tame creatures. That said, you can make a grinder with the following materials in the game.

  • Five Bombardier Parts
  • Three Flower Petals
  • Two Acorn Shells
  • Two Feathers

You can get the first material on the list from Bombardier Beetle by using an insect axe to slay them, and you can also find these beetles in both grasslands and in the flooded zone.

For the flower petals, you will need to gather them inside a flower bed biome. However, be careful in this biome as it is guarded by countless spiders called orb weavers.

To find the acorns shells, you will need to craft the grinder; you will need to locate acrons in either the oak hill or grasslands biomes. Once you find some acorn shells, you can find the last material, feathers, in the backyard around perching spots for crows and in the general area.

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When you find all resources, you will be able to make slurry by putting either mushrooms, plant fiber, toadstool inside the grinder. 

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You can then use the slurry to tame either Weevil or an Aphid, but you will need to make a pet house before you can tame either creature. That being said, you can make a pet house with the following materials.

  • Two Weed Stem – You can get this from chopping dandelions down. 
  • Two Crow Feathers
  • Four Mushroom Bricks – You can make this with mushroom slurry by putting the slurry inside an oven.
  • One Acron Shell

After the pet house is made and you have slurry, you will be able to tame both Weevils and Aphids by feeding them slurry until they become tamed.

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