Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has one of the most confusing missions. The main problem is that it requires the player to go through what appears to be a mundane scene before shooting Quill’s mother.

In the flashback, the player saves Quill’s mother, and then she embraces the player. No matter how hard the player tries, Star-Lord’s mother will always suck them into the promise.

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The player will appear at this truck after being sucked in. Make sure you do all of the checks and go inside the house. Star-Lord’s mother and Drax will continue their conversation. You just have to wait for Star-Lord to answer.

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It doesn’t matter what the answer is. Then just reject the promise to go back to the point where Star-Lord’s mother is hugging him.

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After that—shoot her dead.

Don’t give in; any kind of giving in will make the player go back into the promise. He must instead shoot his mother in retaliation against the promise. Afterward, the guardians will be free.

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