Stray is a heartwarming tale of a lost cat separated from its family and must traverse a ruined cybercity filled with strange inhabits to be reunited. As the game offers little explanations, it is often up to the player to figure out what to do next. This may leave you wondering how to get past the first area in Stray.

What to do in the first area in Stray

Stray starts off relatively peaceful, surrounded by your cat family. To progress, interact with all the cats and then have a nap together. When you awaken, simply move forward, the way here is fairly linear, and eventually, you will trigger a cutscene. At the end of this scene, you will have fallen down a ravine and must find your way out of the Dead City. From here, you need to progress to the Flat.

How to get to the Flat in Stray

The Flat is an important location in Stray and where you will go after waking up in the Dead City. Fortunately, the path to this next area is also linear and shouldn’t take long to reach. Here is how to get to the Flat in Stray.

  • Continue following the mostly straightforward path; this involves following the jump path.
  • Use the bucket to stop the first fan.
  • Avoid the Zurg as they chase you through the alley.
  • Unplug the battery for the second fan.
  • Continue to the Flat.

How to get to the Slums in Stray

The Flat is a safe location; you do not have to worry about Zurg here. But there is a puzzle you must solve to progress and reach the Slums. Here is how to get to the Slums in Stray.

  • Go to the room with computers along the wall.
  • Find the four power sources and plug them into the computers.
  • This opens a secret door—enter and take note of the box on the shelf.
  • Climb up and knock the box off.
  • Interact with the inactive drone to turn B-12 on.
  • Use B-12 to open the other door.
  • Dip into the room on the right to grab the password for the digicode.
  • Enter the digicode and proceed until you reach the bucket. This takes you to the Slums.

Once you reach the Slums, the story will more or less guide you in the right direction. This area has various quests, collectibles, and puzzles as it is the first open location.

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