Once you have solved the pedestals puzzle and activated it, you must head across the bridge and carry on down the path to explore the landing site. But in your way are these strange blue floating enemies, where if you are caught, you’ll more or less instantly die and respawn back at the pedestal.

To get past these four blue enemies, first, you must pay attention to the red circles below them. These red circles are their field of vision or how far they can sense. If you go into the red circle, or the red circle goes into you, they will charge at you, and there is no escape unless you’re fortunate. They are on a set path, in a circle around this area, so there is a slight pause between the last and the first.

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Quickness is the key here, not stealth. You can either follow them around to the right. This is the safest route. Next, you have to make it across the other side of the tiny ravine. Just jump across, and you are safe from harm, and even better, there is a checkpoint pedestal on the other side! Then, interact with the spinning device there to progress with the game.

Sure, you can use stealth, but this will make you move slower, and these creatures move around swiftly. You’ll easily get caught. The best option is to run across the path, taking note of where the blue enemies are. As long as you are not touching the red circles emanating from them, you are safe.

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