Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3 are used to change a player’s appearance, reallocate stats, and increase covenant levels. This is all done at Rosaria’s Bed Chamber by talking with Rosaria, who owns the covenant. There are three locations that Pale Tongues always spawn while still being farmable from Darkwraiths. This is how to get Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3.

Where To Find Pale Tongues In Dark Souls 3

There are a total of three locations where players can loot a single Pale Tongue per New Game cycle. These are relatively close together as well, making them easy to find for players.

Undead Settlement Pale Tongue

Going to the elevator in Undead Settlement that normally leads players to the Road of Sacrifices can lead upwards instead. This is done by activating the lift, getting off before it goes down, and riding the next elevator that comes from above. Rolling halfway onto the platform will get players to an area where they can talk to Siegward deciding on how to deal with a demon. After defeating the demon, the Pale Tongue is on the corpse hanging to the left where the demon was patrolling.

Cathedral Of The Deep Pale Tongue

Once players reach the Cathedral of the Deep, there are two Pale Tongues they can find. The first is found just before the boss of the area. The staircase that leads up to the boss arena is blocked by a giant and several slimes. Players can defeat them all to reach get the items safely, or they can equip the Dagger to get through the sludge quickly. This is done by two handing the weapon and using its Weapon Art. The Pale Tongue is found by the corpse just before the stairs, NOT the one corpse underneath it.

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Second Cathedral Of The Deep Pale Tongue

The final Pale Tongue players can find is on the rooftops of the Cathedral. Players can access this after unlocking the second shortcut to the bonfire and going up the elevator. Just outside the elevator is a small platform where players can walk and find a ladder leading up. Past the Deacon is an area where players can drop and access the rooftops. The Pale Tongue is found at the very end of the rooftop area, guarded by a Thrall.

How To Farm Pale Tongues

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Darkwraiths have about a five percent chance to drop Pale Tongues. The best spot to farm for this is at the Farron Keep Perimeter Bonfire found just before the Abyss Watchers boss arena. Two are patrolling and can be respawned after resetting the area.

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