A few items in Stardew Valley require you to grow and make other items and then combine them. Pale Ale is an item that is only made by combining Hops and a Keg. Below, we cover how to get both ingredients and how to combine them.

How to plant Hops in Stardew Valley

To get Hops, you need to buy a Hops Starter from JojaMart or Pierre’s General Store for 60g. Plant your starter seeds during the summer. If you prefer, you can use your Greenhouse or Island Farm at any time of the year. You will need to leave a space between the crops if you want to water them or harvest them since they grow on trellises.

You can harvest Hops 12 days after you’ve planted them.

How to craft Kegs in Stardew Valley

You get the recipe for crafting Kegs after reaching Farming Level 8. The recipe for Kegs is:

  • One Iron Bar
  • 30 Wood
  • One Oak Resin
  • One Copper Bar

How to combine Keg and Hops to make Pale Ale

Hold your Hops in your hand, and then interact with the Keg to place Hops inside. A day and a half later, your Keg will hold Pale Ale, so make sure you check back for it.

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