There are a plethora of weapons to choose from in Far Cry 6, from the ordinary to the unique. Yet, there is a particular type of weapon you can acquire from the Black Market for Moneda (special Black Market currency) called Overclocked weapons, that have a mod equipped that permanently increases the damage and more mod slots.

These weapons can only be acquired from the Lola’s Black Market, the same NPC you get Special Operations from when you have a main guerilla base in three regions of Yara— Madrugada, Valle de Oro, and El Este.

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There are only three types of guns that are Overclocked—MP5, 1887 Shotgun, and the Eastern Front (Mosin-Nagant.) The prices from the Black Market are the following:

  • MP5—600 Moneda
  • 1887 Shotgun—600 Moneda
  • Eastern Front (Mosin-Nagant)—1,000 Moneda

If the weapons are not in the Black Market, don’t worry. The items offered by Lola changes every week.

How to get Moneda?

To get Moneda from the Black Market, you must complete and repeat Special Operations from Lola. You will get rewarded with Moneda after every run, roughly around 250+. Eventually, after you have completed the campaign, you will unlock Insurgency Mode, a weekly activity that can net you around 2750 Moneda.

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