As you progress in Metroid Dread you will acquire many abilities and upgrades. With several different regions, you will come across many obstacles and enemies. Sometimes it is not always clear how to use an ability when you first get it.

This is true of the Bomb. After getting it, you will find yourself trapped in the room with the Chozo Statue. Like most of Metroid Dread’s abilities, you will need to use the ability you just unlocked. The question however is where to use the Bomb.

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A few paces from the door that is now blocked appear to be a regular floor. Shooting it will do no good. Instead, drop a Bomb or two. They will detonate and reveal a secret area beneath. You will need to bomb the bottom wall on the right side of the wall twice to get to the next room. You will see a missile capsule where the star is on the image above.

Jump in the air and drop a Bomb. It will remain next to the bomb block and detonate, revealing a path to the missile capsule. Quickly jump through before the block respawns to increase your missile capacity. If the block reforms before you can get back through, drop another Bomb. Proceed below to the purple box and drop a Bomb. This will power the tube and launch you away.

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