Hypergryph’s Sanity-depleting tower defense game, Arknights, challenges players to come up with some of the most mind-boggling strategies to complete stages and win rewards. As a gacha game with a limited-energy mechanic, Arknights offers two premium currencies—Originite Prime and Orundum—to help you Headhunt powerful Operators, restore Sanity, purchase Outfits, and more.

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But don’t fret—you can earn these two coveted currencies even without spending a dime.

Originite Prime

Originite Prime is a highly valuable currency as it can purchase Furniture, Outfits, and even replenish Sanity. Moreover, you can convert one Originite Prime for 180 Orundum any time, so it’s best to save them until you’re sure of what you want to purchase. You can obtain Originite Primes in-game through the following methods.

Clearing Stages—Normal Mode

Clearing any stage with three stars on the Normal Mode for the first time will grant you one Originite Prime, a one-time reward that doesn’t apply if you complete the same stage again. To get three stars, you have to complete the stage without enemy leaks.

Clearing Stages—Challenge Mode

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After completing Normal mode at three stars, you can unlock Challenge mode, which is a more difficult derivative of the stage. The stage will contain high-difficulty conditions, such as buffed enemies, limited Operator usage, or even blocked tiles. Successfully completing the Challenge mode stages will give you one Originite Prime each.

Clearing Event Stages

Events are amazing for Originite Prime farming as they’re typically structured with Normal, EX, and EX-Challenge stages. While these stages can be tricky to clear, getting around them can net you anywhere between 20-30 Primes per Event.

Most importantly, Event stages reset every rerun. For instance, if you participate in the Under Tides Event, and it was to rerun six months later, you can clear the stages again and still earn one Originite Prime each.

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Orundum is Arknight’s Headhunting currency, which you can use to take a chance at finding high-rarity Operators. Each Headhunting session costs 600 Orundum, while a 10-pull is 6,000. Orundum can’t convert to Originite Primes, so think twice before making that conversion! On the bright side, there are plenty of ways you can earn Orundum in-game.

Commendations Store

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The Commendations store, where you can spend green Certificates (obtained by Recruiting duplicate one to four-star Operators), sells Orundum in the first and third tiers.

First Tier

  • 100 Orundum
  • Six stocks
  • 40 Commendation Certificates each

Third Tier

  • 100 Orundum
  • Unlimited stock
  • 50 Commendation Certificates each


Completing 10 Daily Missions will give you 100 Orundum, while 10 Weekly Missions will give 500 Orundum. That’s 1,200 Orundums per week just by casually playing the game! Don’t forget to claim them from the Mission menu, as they reset along with the server the next day.

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Some Annihination operations give a one-time Orundum reward after making a certain number of kills. Check out the Collect button beside the Refund Rules to view the conditions and Orundum reward for a particular stage.

Apart from the one-time reward, clearing Annihilation stages will also give Orundum based on the number of enemies you defeat. A Weekly Orundum cap limits the number of times you can get the currency from running these stages—increase it to up to 1,800 by clearing more Rotating stages.

Beginner tip: Clear the easiest Annihilation stage you can do without a Support Unit to unlock Auto Deploy. This will allow you to farm Weekly Orundums without touching tougher stages.

Paradox Simulation

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Paradox Simulations are stages that are tied to certain Operators. Naturally, you can only access these stages when you own one of them—a roster that keeps on growing as Arknights updates. Clearing a Paradox Simulation will merit 200 Orundums on your first clear.


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You can manufacture Orundum through the Base with a Factory and Trading Post—both at minimum Level 3.

First, produce Originium Shards through the Factory with either of these formulas:

  • x2 Orirock Cube and 1,600 LMD
  • x1 Device and 1,000 LMD

It takes x3 Capacity and one hour to produce one Originium Shard. After, you can take these Shards to the Trading Post, where you must set your Business Strategy to trading Originium Shards. Two Originium Shards will net you 20 Orundum, and you can have seven Orders on the queue at the same time.

Keep in mind that the Sanity cost of manufacturing Orundum isn’t ideal, so consider the other farming methods instead if you’re a free-to-player.

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