There are many resources to collect in My Time at Sandrock, but few are as important as Old Parts. These are relics from the ancient days but are a component of many machines you build. This may leave you wondering how and where to get Old Parts in My Time at Sandrock.

There are many ways to get Old Parts in My Time at Sandrock. You can either dig up Old Parts, purchase them, or craft them. The fastest way to get Old Parts is to dig them up, but you can craft them passively and simply wait for them to finish. Purchasing them is helpful when you have run out of stamina or resources.

Where to find Old Parts

You can find Old Parts in the Abandoned Ruins. These can be found on any level within the Ruins. If you use your Relic Scanner, they will show up as yellow orbs. We recommend collecting as many Old Parts as you can as many machines will require them.

How to craft Old Parts

To craft Old Parts, you simply need to put Mechanical Scrap in your Recycler with some fuel. You have a chance to receive Old Parts once the process is finished. You can find Mechanical Scraps from metal junk piles.

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