If you’re just jumping into the interesting world of Ooblets, then you no doubt have many questions on how to obtain certain items in the game. Well, we’re first going to be taking a look at how to get nurnies. This is an important resource that you will need quite a bit of to complete quests and create things around your farm!

How-to Obtain Nurnies

It really isn’t too difficult to get these, but it will require some energy to really get quite a few of them. What you need to do is head to your farm, enter farming mode (Q on PC), and start looking for rocks. Run over to one of them and use the Break option on it. Each time you break a rock you will obtain at least 1 nurny. Keep destroying rocks as much as you want to acquire whatever amount of nurnies you’re looking to collect!

There’s quite a few rocks scattered around your farm in the early days, so there’s no chance of you running out anytime soon!

What is a Nurny?

A nurny is an ingredient that is generally used in machine creation and maintenance in the game. You will find that quests and things you are looking to repair, like your farm and the old farmhouse.

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