If you’ve been playing Lost Ark for a while, you’re sure to have spent plenty of time down the collecting rabbit hole. For the first few continents, it’s all about the Mokoko Seeds. But once you get out to sea, you’re also made aware that around 100 of the islands have Island Souls to collect. The more you find, the tastier the rewards you’ll be able to collect. Here we’ll explain how to get the Notos Island Soul in Lost Ark.

Where is the Lost Ark Notos Island Soul?

Notos is a pretty little island that has become a regular haunt for whales. To get its Island Soul, you’re going to have to help out the locals in a series of quests. Thankfully none of them are too taxing, but it does include a couple of Una’s Tasks so will take you a few days. Once you arrive on Notos, you’ll be given a few simple tasks to do on the island from NPCs Nemian and Bellita. Note that you’ll need to know the sheet music Heart’s Melody to complete several of the quests here.

Once complete, the Whale Tale Una’s Task will appear on your list. Complete this once, and you’ll also gain access to the Una’s Task Whalekeeper’s Reward. Both are also simple tasks you can complete on the island. Whale Tale is a one-time task. You need to complete it, plus Whalekeeper’s Reward twice, to be offered a new and again simple purple quest by Bellita, entitled With Didi. Complete it and you’ll be rewarded with the Notos Island Soul. Note that you’ll also receive Humpback Whale Oil as a reward, which you can use when collecting the Ice Maze Island Soul.

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