Without darkness, there can be no light. While night shards might seem a little menacing, they play an important role in the environment of Dreamlight Valley. From quests to gifting, night shards need to be collected and treasured just like dream shards. Here’s how you can get them as well as what you can use them for.

Where to find Night Shards in Dreamlight Valley

Night shards are a fairly easy find if you know where to look. As you navigate the different biomes that make up Dreamlight Valley, you’ll notice mounds of dirt on the ground. They look like this:

Screenshot via GameTips.PRO

Use your magic shovel to dig up the mound of dirt. If you want to recover the soil after digging, simply click on the exposed dirt once again while holding your shovel to recover the earth.

A variety of items might appear when you dig up soil, from clay and soil to seeds. When you dig up dirt mounds, however, there’s a really good chance that you’ll unearth at least one night shard.

These dirt piles regenerate fairly quickly, so wander around the valley looking for mounds of dirt. Chances are, by the time you return to the biome that you started out in the dirt piles for that biome will have regenerated.

Uses for Night Shards in Dreamlight Valley

Aside from their use in a variety of magic-based quests, night shards are especially helpful when it comes to crafting gifts. In order to make the purified night shard, a special gift that can be given to any villager for boosted friendship, you will need five night shards.

You can also sell night shards at any of Goofy’s stalls, though we don’t recommend it. While night shards are a lot less frustrating to collect than dream shards, there are easier ways to make money in the valley.

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