Inscryption takes a unique approach to the card-battling genre. It mixes deck-building, horror, and escape room puzzle solving to create an engaging game and story. Throughout its three acts, players will collect cards and solve puzzles to survive the challenges of Inscryption. They can also collect items to aid them.

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One such item in Act 3 is Mrs. Bomb’s Remote. Players can find this item once the player can stand up from the table. It is the left sliding puzzle to the right of the playing table. The player will have to move the pieces to deal five damage. The solution can be tricky, but you can see the correct placement below.

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On your side of the board, you will need to have the 1/1 Bomb card in the first slot. The second and third slots will need to be the 1/2 Shield cards. The final slot will be the 4/1 card. On the opposing side, you also need a 1/1 Bomb card. The second and fourth slots will be the 2/1 cards. Finally, the third slot will be the 1/1 Bomb card. After getting these pieces in this position, click the bell to solve the sliding puzzle.

Once you have solved this puzzle, the drawer beneath will open, and you will earn Mrs. Bomb’s Remote. Players can use this item to place a Bomb card on every empty slot on the board. This is a great tool to reset the bomb as it almost guarantees all cards will be destroyed. Once you use the remote, it will be offline until you reach a checkpoint.

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