To get more territory in City of Gangsters, you will need to speak to a shopkeeper and ask to open a new front.

You can do this by selecting the option to open a new front under the dialogue menu. But before you are able to open a new front, you will first need to have one favor available and some money on hand.

You can get favors by doing business with the various shops and being a generally helpful person towards them; eventually, if you get one shopkeeper high enough, you can then have them increase your reputation with other shopkeepers.

When this happens, your reputation will increase, and you will gain respect, thus allowing you to open new fronts in nearby streets to your starting area.

However, that’s only half of the puzzle, and you will also need money. To get loads of money, you can either open protection rackets by visiting shops or selling various goods and services around the city.

Protection rackets can be an excellent way to cover the costs of the various fronts and give yourself a steady cash flow, but they can hurt your reputation if you have too many. Because of that, we recommend a mixture of both as you can’t sell on only one 100 percent of the time.

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