Animal Crossing New Horizons has many unique DIY recipes that create really cool items. Though many of these recipes require stones, and you may be wondering how to get your hands on them.

On your island, you may have caught a single stone while fishing, or found a few stones in a floating ballon present. Perhaps a villager has gifted you a few stones to go towards one of the island improvement projects.

Though where stones seem to be found most often, is near boulders that can be found scattered around your island. However, if you hit the boulder with an axe or a shovel, stones also pop out. There is also a chance that other materials such as clay, iron, gold, or bells may pop out of the boulder when it is struck. You can hit the same boulder until it stops giving you materials. Then you can go and do the same with every other boulder on your island, every day.

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You can also find these boulders on mystery tours to other islands. These islands will always have three boulders available to strike. One advantage to doing this is that every new mystery island you visit will have three different boulders for you to hit. This will maximize your stone earning potential, as on your own island the boulders can only pop out materials once per day.

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There you have it, that is how to get more stones in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Remember, when you are not using the stones for a recipe, you can sell them for 75 bells apiece. Making stone harvest a daily habit will have your storage overflowing with stones before you know it!

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