To get more space for pets in Bitlife, you will need to own a huge house by purchasing one from a realtor. Only then will you be able to own large amounts of cats for this week’s challenge or just a lot of pets in general.

That said, you can get more space for pets by buying a house such as an Equestrian Property that has a size stat of at least 6br/8ba or more.

You can also find a house such as the Equestrian property under one of the two realtor tabs in the go shopping tab in Bitlife. Click one of the realtor tabs, and you can find a vast list of houses, one of these houses should be the Equestrian property.

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However, you also can check how big a property is while inside the relator tab under assets. To do this, click on the house and view the stat that says size.

If it’s something around the size of the Equestrian Property, buy it, and you will have enough space to own 15+ cats, which is a requirement for this week’s challenge.

But before you can buy an expensive house, which most big houses are, you will need a lot of money, so we highly recommend getting a job such as a pop star, football player or CEO.

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