In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will come across various ingredients required to cook different recipes. Some ingredients are easy to come by, while others grow in specific locations. Mushroom is one of the ingredients required for various quests, and you will find them in the Glade of Trust region in Dreamlight Valley. This region opens up after you progress in Merlin’s questlines, and it is full of Mushrooms. Here’s how players can get more Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to get Mushrooms in Dreamlight Valley

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Players need to progress in Merlin’s questline to unlock the Glade of Trust region in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will also need around 5,000 Dreamlight to clear out the Night Thorns blocking this region’s entry point. Once you reach the Glade of Trust, explore the region to find Mushrooms. There are several Mushroom spawns in this region, and you will find this ingredient only in the Glade of Trust biome. We recommend collecting them in a bunch as you will need a lot of Mushrooms for other quests.

How to progress in Merlin’s questline in Dreamlight Valley?

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In Merlin’s New Enchantment quest, he provides players with a temporary enchanted Watering Can. You need to use this on bigger Mushrooms at the entrance of the Glade of Trust biome. Several of these giant Mushrooms in the Glade of Trust biome will come across. The enchanted Watering will become a key item to remove them. Players need to progress in Merlin’s missions to eventually reach the A Dark Experiment quest. Merlin will request 20 Mushrooms, five Emeralds, and 30 Purified Night Shards in this quest. You also need to improve your friendship Level with Merlin at least till Level 8 to get this quest.

To improve your friendship level with Merlin quickly, we recommend bringing gifts, hanging out with him, and cooking meals for him. Progressing further in Merlin’s questline and reaching friendship Level 10 with him will give players access to The Final Trail quest. For this quest, you will need 25 Mushrooms, Falling Water and Ice Heart. At the end of this questline, players will get an upgraded enchanted watering can, which can be used to remove the giant Mushrooms blocking the path to the second half of Glade of Trust.

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