Slime Rancher 2 is a peaceful adventure simulation game available on PC and for free with Xbox Gamepass. Continue your exploration as Beatrix and venture to the new lands of Rainbow Island. There are so many new Slimes to discover and secrets to be uncovered. It’s your job to put together a successful Conservatory full of unique Slime variants, nurture them, and protect them from the Tarr. You will need plenty of energy to roam around the large open map and escape Feral Slimes, so here’s how you can get more.

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Your energy bar, symbolized by the lightning bolt, is located at the bottom left of your screen, right under the health meter. This meter will stay at 100 when you aren’t doing any energy-intensive activities. However, specific physical actions, such as sprinting, will begin to deplete your meter.

You can sprint as long as the meter still has energy within it. When it reaches zero and the meter is empty, you will have to slow back down to a walk. Energy is used up quickly, so if you’re trying to make an escape from Feral Slimes or get back and forth around the lands at a quicker pace, you might want to increase that energy capacity.

Power Core Upgrade

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To increase your energy, you will want to head to your Fabricator in the lower levels of the Conservatory. There you will find an Upgrade called Power Core. This Upgrade will increase your current energy to a capacity of 150 instead of 100, allowing you to run further distances. This Upgrade requires 450 Newbucks and 10 Cotton Plorts deposited in your Refinery.

Based on the small circles underneath the Upgrade icon, the Power Core Upgrade will be available to increase four times. However, once you upgrade it the initial time, it will appear as Upgraded in your Fabricated, meaning you may not be able to increase it further until progressing further in the game or an update is released.

You will need plenty of energy to keep up with the silly bouncy Slimes around the Island and escape the spreading Tarr infection. Save the necessary resources and get that Power Core Upgrade to improve your skills and make your tasks easier.

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